Prada or Nada

I'm sure you're all aware of how crazy I am over Prada right? I just fell inlove all over again ladies.

Can we talk about this sizzling hot red piece. This stunning dress is the epitome of chic and we know that Prada never fails to amaze us when it comes to keeping it classy. It is the perfect cocktail dress for any occasion! from a cocktail party to a glamourous evening event or even a dinner date! I love the length! the cut is perfect for summer, the detail at the bottom of the dress adds an exciting element to the simplicity of the dress. The colour! I cant even begin to explain how much I love the red, it's such a bold and eye catching colour, the rich and deep red shouts passion and strength. This has got to be one of my favourite pieces. 


Accesories Accessories and more accessories!

Shoes: I cannot get enough of these stunning black Prada heels. I am living for the bold gold detail on these heels. They are incredibly comfortble and definitely part of my top 5 favourites!



This beautiful sling/cluth bag is true Prada perfection. I absolutely adore this piece, it is honestly like carrying a piece of art, the gold detail and bold colours and the velvet material is to die for!







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