Kefi X Diane

I am so excited about collaborating with one of my absolute favourite designers! Diane Paris official. She has just launched her latest range.

I have been wearing these designs for the longest time, and I am still left in awe at what Diane produces in her designs, she never fails to deliver!


kefi_1.JPG   kefi_2.JPG   kefi_3.JPG

What an absolute pleasure to have this store in our beautiful city of Johannesburg. Diane Paris brings Parisian couture to Africa! What more could a lady ask for? The latest range is absolutely stunning, and it ties in perfectly with my simple yet stylish aesthetic, and we all know that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.

Her clothing is ready to wear for women, and wow! The precision in the fine details, cuts and style of each piece is captivating! What timeless pieces they offer, these are perfect for this summer, they will leave you looking effortlessly classy and elegant.


My shopping experience at Diane Paris showroom is anything but ordinary! I got a taste of the exclusive French lifestyle that one would experience when you’re shopping in France, only it’s right around the corner!







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