Pretty in PRADA

I recently had the pleasure of attending the Bongani Ngema- Zuma high-tea and of course I had every intention of slaying my looks.

 These prada looks have to be two of my all-time favourites! Prada is known to bring out all the stops when it comes to being the ultimate classy-looking woman in the room. Their pieces are tailored to absolute perfection. Best believe you will definitely be the one stealing the show dressed in these looks! Prada will always be one of my favourite brands. It leaves me looking timeless and elegant, what more could a girl ask for?



I love the rich pink colour used in this perfectly tailored two-piece, which you all know I love! It is paired with a stunning collared floral shirt.

The accessories used for this look was this gorgeous one-of-a-kind sling/ clutch prada bag. Let’s not forget about my feathery custom heels, these definitely topped the look off perfectly!



I am in love with this t-shirt pairing and the high-waisted floral print skirt. It is definitely one of the more comfy looks I’ve worn. It is simple with extraordinary details! I cannot get enough of the bright yellow detail on the T-shirt and the feathers on the bottom of the skirt these design elements have prada written all over it!






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